Rifle Paper Co., Adorable Illustrations, Exquisite Design

Beautiful, adorable, pretty, whimsical—we’re practically out of adjectives to express our admiration toward Rifle Paper Co. Started by a husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond, out of their studio in Winter Park, Florida, this company specializes in illustrated designs that they apply on a wide range of stationery and gift items.

Their story began by Anna’s hand-painted illustrations and lettering that evoke nostalgic feeling through their vintage style. From their one-bedroom apartment, then, they decided to share it with the world through their brand—Anna now has the position of creative director, while Nathan heads the business side.

For their current collection, Rifle Paper Co. focused their design on botanical theme. It is apparent through the selection of 2014 calendars that are adorned with intricate illustrations depicting herbs and spices, flowers, and a variety of plants. There is also the Botanical Journal for which they’ve put a lot of time to perfect every detail, from its soft linen cover to Smythe sewn binding. Oh, and we have a particular affinity toward the iPhone case that is accentuated with sumptuous floral print.

Besides this, there are many other things in their collection. (Yes, the selection is seemingly endless and it will be hard to resist everything—consider this as a caveat.)

The assorted card box set, for instance, features cute illustrations whose themes range from dogs to various ways of saying “Hello.” Cheeky design can be found in some cards (one, for example, is titled “You’re a Fox” with an illustration of Fantastic Mr. Fox). Holiday-themed design is also abound—stickers and labels, greeting cards, gift tags—and will be perfect for your Christmas preparation.

Yet it is important to note that there is more than meets the eye here. Beneath their products’ beautiful façade, Rifle Paper Co. emphasizes that all of their paper products are printed in the USA as well as inspected and assembled by hand in their studio. They also use FSC-certified paper and environmentally responsible printers, so you can imagine how this is a true labor of love for them.

It is also endearing to know the main reason Anna and Nathan Bond started Rifle Paper Co. They believe that life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a hand-written card or note that can inspire whoever receives it. Whatever Rifle Paper Co.’s creation you have and share with your beloved ones, we promise it will set your heart aflutter.