Lucie Kaas: Bringing Scandinavian Spirit Into Your Kitchen

Lucie Kaas Bowls
As you can tell, there is something about Scandinavian design that always intrigues us. Emerging in the 1950s in those cold Northern European countries, from Denmark to Finland, this design movement is signified by certain aesthetic points. It’s simple and minimalist, but at the same time, every single object must serve a function for its users. But the earliest incarnations of it are getting harder to find these days. So imagine how delightful it is when we encounter Lucie Kaas, a Danish design company that revives the most popular Scandinavian design objects of yore.

One of the famous designs that they brought to life is Arne Clausen’s lotus pattern. Hailing from Norway, Clausen became influential within the Scandinavian design scene during the 1960s. When he was working as a decorator at a Norwegian factory called Cathrineholm, he created the aforementioned pattern in 1963 that ended up decorating his employer’s products. Eventually, Clausen’s design got picked up in the neighboring countries—including in Denmark by Lyngby Porcelæn—and it became one of the most recognizable Scandinavian designs.

Thanks to the collaboration between Lucie Kaas and Clausen’s family, we feel lucky to be able to incorporate his timeless design into our home—the kitchen, specifically, since Lucie Kaas applies the pattern on the likes of bowls and cups.

If we may describe it ourselves, the pattern is a very minimalist yet elegant depiction of the lotus flower. It can be quite puzzling how Clausen became inspired by this particular species of plant because it’s mostly found in Asian countries. But perhaps Clausen was attracted to the delicate beauty of lotus—which also happens to be the national flower of India—that, in some ways, shares the same spirit with his minimalist tenet. Whatever Clausen’s inspiration might be, though, this decorative flourish is simply stunning.

Lucie Kaas brilliantly renders this pattern in an array of colors—blue, yellow, red, green, and even black—for their ceramic creations that are designed by Sara Skotte. There are adorable little cups that you can use for your morning coffee as well as elegantly designed porcelain milk jug. But what’s even more beautiful is the sleek round ceramic bowls, the smooth surface of which is adorned with Clausen’s lotus pattern. Even if you only use it for your breakfast cereal, it will give your kitchen a dose of Scandinavian elegance that is steeped in design history. And isn’t that just nice?