Chic & Darling: Reinventing Your Home, One Cushion at a Time

Chic & Darling. What a charming name. It inexplicably reminds us of spring’s blossoming flowers, yet at the same time, it also makes us reminisce the lovely ambiance of the fall. But whichever climate you happen to live in, you can certainly appreciate the home décor designs of this Jakarta-based brand.

It is the brainchild of Kania A. Anggiani, a mother of one who found her entrepreneurial knack while taking care of her newborn. Inspired by the surrounding nature as well as literature, Kania translated all those influences into something unexpected: bed and linen products.

The highlight of Chic & Darling’s collection is, without doubt, its line of comfortable cushions. Finely crafted by hand, each piece is made from cotton and features a rather compact design that is splendid to toss over your sofa in the living room or your bed. Every detail of the piece is given an attentive treatment. For example, the inside of the cushion is seamed to prevent fraying. You can also easily take out the cushion insert by unzipping the fastening at the bottom because, well, don’t you just hate cushions that you cannot wash yourself?

Oh, and have we told you about the prints?

Indeed, the colorful pattern on each cushion cover—geometric-shaped or flower-inspired—adds a dose of whimsy to any interior. One style is aptly named Rebellious Chevron, where a jumble of asymmetrical stripes are combined together, creating a patchwork-like pattern that looks like multiple chevron shapes.

For those who are more sophisticated at heart, Chic and Darling also designed the Roxy Blossom print, featuring a geometric pattern that takes cues from traditional floral print. Finally, you can now get the contemporary version of it that looks grown-up, not twee.

All of these bold patterns are also available in a range of colors that you can easily suit to your personality. A more neutral selection includes black, red, and blue, while for something a little bit sweeter, you can opt for the teal or purple versions of the latter print.

Aside from these lovely and plush creations, what makes Chic & Darling even more admirable is the fact that it is still a relatively small home-based business, where almost every aspect of its operation is still done by Kania herself. Besides, the materials used for their products are sourced from Indonesia—more proof that this brand puts a great amount of attention and care toward their production process.

With such an interesting story behind it, no wonder that Chic & Darling has become more and more well known recently. After all, the brand’s slogan says, “Created from the heart for your home.” And who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Rani Anggraeni Dewi 10 Feb 2014

    How proud and happy for a young mother who has been inspired by a little cutie, she manifests her creative mind and her gentle heart to create something “Chic and Darling”. Awesome.

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