Brit-Stitch: Vintage Bags, Modern Sensibilities

brit-stitch-pastel-leather-bagThe quest for a perfect bag can bring up a Goldilocks-like dilemma—the one you find might be too big or too small, too simple or too ornate. After all, what a woman needs is a well-made piece to hold all of her daily essentials. And yet, it must look stylish, too.

Enter Brit-Stitch. As its name suggests, this British brand specialises in crafting chic leather bags that you can find in any color imaginable. But one charming aspect of this label lies on its unexpected origin story: it all started with a milkman.

In 1967, a craftsman named Peter Jones made a special leather bag for his local milkman, Toby, so that he could safely carry the money he received from the delivery. Then, 45 years later, Toby brought back his bag to get a replacement strap. This fateful occurrence inspired the people behind Brit-Stitch to resurrect this vintage bag and reinvent it for the modern era.

Take, for example, The Milkman. Featuring a classic satchel design, this daytime bag has a structured shape that is spacious enough to carry your wallet, lipstick, and other important accoutrements. Not to mention, an inner pocket is specially created to protect your gadget. It definitely can’t get more modern than that, no?

Another design is cheekily called The Half Pint. A smaller version of The Milkman, this one sports a demure top handle and can effortlessly go from day to night. Simply detach its shoulder strap and it will turn into a beautiful party-worthy piece.

But of course, there is more than meets the eye, thanks to Brit-Stitch’s great craftsmanship. Every single bag is crafted in the UK using the finest leather in various hues, from soft pastels (rose pink, sky blue) to bright red and violet. They have also meticulously perfected the traditional techniques that have been passed on through many decades—seamless stitching and practical yet decorative hardware, such as magnetic buckle clasp—that make their creations inimitable.

It is, without doubt, the kind of bag that you will want to wear until it’s worn out. The design is ladylike and understated, yet at the same time, the time-honored craftsmanship dedicated to each piece adds an ultimate polish to Brit-Stitch’s vintage-inspired creations. Who knows that something so steeped in tradition can be chicly translated for contemporary urban life?

Finally, you can carry a bag that is just right.