About Us

LINOLUNA is an online boutique design store for home décor, paper goods, and gifts for men, women and kids. It’s distinctively modern, retro and vintage, all at the same time.

LINOLUNA collaborates with talented illustrators and designers to bring life to your living spaces. They source collections of arts and crafts from around the world, designer items, eccentric goods and beautiful objects. LINOLUNA believes that decorating your home on a shoestring budget is not just a dream. LINOLUNA is here for the little things and as you follow our journey, you will realise they can matter much more than you have ever imagined.

Everything Starts at Home

As our life progresses, we reach the point where we have to start decorating our home, a nest that we feel comfortable living in, and fill it with things that please our eyes and help us get through the day. Many people like to focus on the huge and expensive things, like furniture, or a TV set, or kitchen appliances; and when that’s done, some people simply forget the little stuff.

Put a neon-colored cushion on a white sofa, it will instantly lighten you up. Hang an inspirational poster on your bedroom wall, you’ll get encouraged every time you wake up. Put some colorful little bowls and mugs on your sideboard, they will make your living room feel brand new. Decorate the nursery with objects with stimulating colours and let your kids enjoy a better view.

LINOLUNA is here to vouch for the little things. The little things that matter for her, him and the little ones. Let’s start again giving personalised greetings cards to our loved ones and spending hours wrapping gifts to remind ourselves of the special moments of our lives. Let’s start making that little extra effort and live our lives differently.

Design for The Community

LINOLUNA hand-picks goods and objects with original and unique designs from independent artisans and shops both locally and internationally. Most of our items are hand-made and a small fraction of them are mass-produced but have involved a great deal of handcrafting of all kinds, e.g. painting, illustrating, carpentry, pottery, sewing, and leather-crafting during the designing and manufacturing process.